Spotlight On



Tahj is one of my more dedicated students, traveling from Mobile for classes on a regular basis. He’s got talent, ability and drive…a true recipe for success! Tahj sent me this report:

“I just wrapped on a show called _______. I did the work you taught me and OH MY GOD, I felt much more grounded in my character. Thank you, Jim!”


Kamille is a super talented actress who has been studying with The Working Actors’ Studio for years now. This week she spent time working on a feature film shooting in Mississippi.



Michael is an actor with talent and a great character look! He first came to me for a private coaching and he’s been in class with me off and on for quite a while now. Recently, he came to me for private coaching in preparation for a big audition he had. We worked on his sides for about an hour. This morning, he sent me this message:

“They offered me a role as a result of that audition we worked on. I felt like I nailed it after she said, ‘I have nothing…Let’s do it again.’ They’re expecting to start production in November.”


Fiona is a very talented dancer and actress who had never taken any acting classes. She took the Actors’ Foundation Workshop and then 2 months of the Application Class. We met privately and recorded an audition for a feature being shot in Georgia. She called me back the same day to report they loved her audition and wanted us to record a second scene! Here’s what she had to say:

“They offered me the role yesterday!!! ???? I can’t thank you enough. Your guidance has been invaluable and I couldn’t have done it without you!”