“Long before Jim approached me about teaching the Baton Rouge classes for The Working Actors Studio, I was a student. I was hesitant to commit to the Foundation Workshop and simply wanted to jump into the Monthly class. I think I even asked if I could do that and he shut me down, for valid reasons. The Foundation class is exactly that, forming a Foundation. We have to have a common ground of terms and process to approach preparation for the Application Classes. That workshop and my first month in the Application helped me solidify my script analysis but also encouraged me watching the work of my peers. I saw a drastic increase in my on-camera confidence and that lead to more bookings.” – Adam Stephenson

“I worked with Jim for a good 2.5 years if not longer and he took me from a rank beginner (and he knows that’s the truth!) to where I am today, a SAG professional who auditions confidently and books often. His techniques of using the page and breaking down the script are skills I use constantly and will have in my repertoire my whole acting career. I will be joining his advanced class as soon as I possibly can! Jim – as a person and a teacher – is simply THE BEST.” – Kerry Kelly Gridley 

“I brought Jim to Lamar University to work with my students, and I’ve been taking classes with him on and off for about a year. He is simply the best- there isn’t an on camera teacher with his ability and skill set anywhere in Texas or the Southeast. I’ve been an actor for almost 20 years and I have learned so much from him. I hope I can bring him back to Lamar on a regular basis.” – Joel F Grothe 

“Jim is personable, extremely knowledgeable, knows what the casting directors are looking for and has an uncanny ability to find out an actors “quirks”. Those little things that we’re not aware that we do that often negatively impact our auditions. I would fashion him to be the “audition whisperer” of New Orleans. Study with him…PERIOD. Helped me tons. Your future bookings will say more than I ever could.”  – Jaiden Kaine – Marvel’s Luke Cage, The Vampire Diaries, Killing Lincoln.

“Working with Jim has greatly improved my audition technique! He really understands the ins and outs of this business and has a wealth of knowledge to offer his students! Auditioning requires a different skill set from scene analysis and Jim is a master of that skill set. Jim really takes the time to foster relationships with each of his students and I am honored to have learned from him! Thank you Jim!!” – Jordan Salloum

“The Working Actors Studio provides actors with a step by step process by which we are able to fully understand all manner of scripts/genres. Actors are taught all facets of the “biz”- from the logistics of auditioning to what is expected of you on set. If “confidence is everything”, then The Working Actors Studio has given me everything that I need to succeed.” – Sam Fisicaro 

“Hey Hey Everyone! I was scared to death to attempt my first EVER acting class but Jim Gleason coached me through it with ease!!!! I was also scared to death to attempt my first EVER audition but once again Jim Gleason coached me through it with ease and I BOOKED the role!!!!! What’s so funny now is that I’ll do anything and I’ll go first!!!!! Thank you Jim!!!! 🙂!” – Darby Matthews 

“Loved Jim’s class he is so funny and he has so much knowledge of this acting biz to give us.I definitely learned a lot from this class that I will use at my future auditions. I will definitely take more classes soon. Thanks Jim!!!” – Carol Wells

“If you are new to actin, Jim’s basic class is a gold mine of important information to launch you to the intermediate level. Then once you’ve been doing it for a while, and start to get a little cocky and full of yourself because you think you are suddenly the best actor in the world (his class might do that to you), you take his Circle Exercise and realize very quickly that there is still much more to learn. Regardless of which class you take you are bound to take home some fresh knowledge, some of which is quite humbling. And lets be honest, the best way to learn is to be humbled. It gives you new goals to overcome and ultimately makes you a better person.”  – Jeff Pearson

“Jim’s class armed me with the 2 most important aspects of acting and auditioning: PREPARATION and LISTENING. We hear those words used a lot in terms of acting but we don’t always understand their gravity and implication. Jim’s class gives the actor an in-depth, step-by-step approach to preparing your work as an actor so that when you walk into an audition, you may be able to inhabit the world of your character and accept your circumstances before the camera rolls. In terms of listening, his process teaches you how to live moment to moment in a scene. Armed with these tools, I’ve walked in and out of auditions and callbacks with a confidence and relaxation with the material that I never had before.”  –  Joe Fredo

“Working and learning from Jim Gleason has taught me how to audition and do it correctly to get that callback and eventually get the part. His technique of teaching is by far the best and it bleeds over to when you are on set working. I highly recommend any new actors or any working actors to take his class! It will be well worth your time and effort. Thanks Jim for all that I have learned from you and I will be back in your class very soon!!!” –  Creek Wilson

“I have been studying off and on with Jim for over a year now and I honestly can’t think of a negative thing to say. I enjoy the scenes he picks each week and his feedback is so direct and to the point. I love that he is a WORKING ACTOR. His insight is current and he is very knowledgeable about New Orleans and the surrounding areas industry. I would recommend him to any range of actor. He’s a pleasure to be around and always makes you feel comfortable but still being a “tough” coach when needed. I’ve had a private coaching session with him as well and I felt extremely prepared and confident walking into that audition room. Give him a shot, you won’t regret it.  ” – Keeli Ross

“We drove up, got out of the car and turned around (and I kid you NOT) only to see a bright red door FLY open. If that grand entrance is not a sign, I don’t know what is!

If you are starting out or wanting to get more serious about acting, then look no further! His methods, approach and technique training draw from the best acting teachers in history, his extensive training, and his amazing work experience. You CAN improve through technical, fixable skills, no matter where you’re starting. This guy makes you feel SO comfortable and knows what he is talking about! I took his AFW and was hanging onto his every word for 7 hours!!!! So worth it! If you’re on the fence, just do it– take the first step!!! You don’t have to see the whole staircase…and I promise you won’t regret going up those stairs and into that door!”  –  Alex Nowlin

“I’ve studied with Jim for approximately the last 4 years. His studio provides a place to practice consistently. He gives his attention to each an every student. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and he addresses them specifically and helps you cultivate your craft. I’ve seen so much growth in myself and my class mates from brand spanking new to very well seasoned actor. Auditioning is its own animal and the studio gives you a safe space to learn how to navigate and be comfortable with the Audition process. He has clear structured classes, professional business practices, and a couple classes per week to choose from. He is a truly genuine person and a great teacher.” – AyeMee Lay

“I would definitely recommend Jim’s classes. For the advanced actor, it is a great space to be able to work on your craft and improve. I love going in and trying new choices in a safe place. He has a way of finding little details in the script that even the most experienced actors can sometimes overlook. For less experienced actors, he gives you a step by step check list to help you develop your character and make smart choices. Being a great actor and being great at auditioning are different. He gives you technics that work in the audition room. So that you’re confident no matter what situation you’re put in. Thanks Jim!”  – Christine Tonry

“I’ve been taking Jim’s classes pretty consistently for over a year, and I don’t know that I can accurately convey how beneficial they’ve been for me. They’ve helped me hone skills I’ve already had, develop many that I needed, and given me the confidence to execute them consistently in auditions. His knowledge of the industry and skills as an actor make him a more than qualified acting instructor, but I’ve found that it’s his kindness, perceptiveness, and passion that make him the crème de la crème. All his classes (Foundation Workshop, Application Classes, & Circle Exercise) are some of the best money I’ve ever spent and certainly the best investment I’ve made in my acting career.” – Jordan Randall

“Knowledgeable, honest – but kind- feedback, the tools you need to help you become more professional in your work. As predominantly a stage actor, I was used to playing to the back of the theatre. Jim helped me refine my technique for the camera. It made a huge difference in my work and craft.”  – Ann Dalrymple

“Working with Jim is like playing the hidden objects game. He knows how thorough an actor has to be in reading, understanding and interpreting sides/script. Jim’s feedback on his observations of my video auditions were enormously helpful. I learned that in his audition classes which helped me to become more confident as an actor. What helped me even more was working with him privately and participating in his circle exercise class. Jim is an outstanding acting coach and mentor.”  – Kim Baptiste