Professional New Orleans acting and audition lessons taught by currently working actors with over 40 years of combined experience. Join us and grow into the best working actor you can be by practicing and playing at The Working Actors’ Studio with Jim Gleason!


Jim Gleason has successfully coached thousands of actors for more than 20 years in New Orleans, Los Angeles and throughout the Southeast United States! His studio continues to grow into new markets giving him more opportunity to help you reach your potential!


Take a look at some of the acting and auditioning classes conducted at The Working Actor’s Studio with Jim Gleason over the years. Our classes are designed to strengthen, encourage, challenge and develop actors of all experience levels! Join one of our classes today!


Our studio is here to provide you with the professional training needed to take you to the next level!

Whether you are looking for an on set acting coach, acting classes, private coaching, recorded auditions, advanced study, career counseling or online classes, our studio offers you professional instruction that can be utilized in any scenario.

Auditions require a very specific set of skills. Therefore, to become proficient and skilled in your auditioning, it is vital to practice your audition technique with someone who can instruct you in doing it with proficiency. Jim is able to help you develop both excellent acting skills, plus technical skills, which are unique to auditioning.

Jim believes in addition to prepping for your audition it is important to practice your audition technique repetitively, which is vital to your life and success as an actor. This habit sharpens the actor’s ability to respond honestly from moment to moment and builds confidence and skill in the audition situation. Can you see yourself acting and auditioning more naturallyhonestly and with more confidence? We want to help coach you there and keep you there!

As Jim coaches, you begin to see improvements in your abilities, and your acting technique gets stronger. In addition, while the basic concepts are the same for acting and auditioning, the design of the instruction uniquely targets the qualities of both. The on camera work when reviewed as a group, gives strength to the importance of peer review and the significance it gives in mimicking a real audition.

The Working Actors’ Studio with Jim Gleason has great success for increasing the booking rates of those who regularly attend class! Study with Jim to see your great auditions become your best auditions and your acting technique go from acting in a scene to having a more natural conversation!

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